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These are 09 reasons you are damn lazy.

These 09 causes make people lazy.
Thousands and thousands of my readers contact me that they are losing the motivation, energy and eagerness to work. All of them want to be active and motivated to enhance their financial, professional and personal life status. I have written this detailed article for those of my readers, it may help you as well.

Why are you lazy
The causes of your laziness are,
1.       You have lost hope: Like Smith works for two years to lose weight, followed the weight loss diets and workout schedules but he was unable to lose weight. Now, two years is enough time so he lost hope for losing weight and get depressed for this particular aim of his life. So, he now lazy and do not take exercise and neither following the diet rules for weight loss.

2.      Fear:  Someone among my readers wants to start a business, currently, he is an employee but he has the fear of failure in his own business and is lazy in this aspect of his life. He is taking no actions to start a business. The cause of the laziness, in this case, is fear of failure.
3.       Helplessness feelings: Life always bring challenges some among us proactively solve their challenges and others find no way how to find solutions, so give up in front of the life challenges and became lazy.
We can talk about multiple examples as well but the basics will remain the three mentioned above. These are the behavioural approach to why are some people lazy?
Now, let's talk about the physical approach to laziness.
 Better to call it, why I am tired all the time. The reasons for this approach are as follow.
·         Anemia: You are in a deficiency of red blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen to your different parts of body and oxide the stored carbohydrates to release energy. Now, if you are in a deficiency of RBCs, you are not meeting the energy requirements of your body. So, the physical aspect is the shortage of energy within your body.
·         Thyroid issues: You have imbalanced thyroid and you're this body gland is excreting lesser quantity of hormones. Hormones are the basics to carry out the basic metabolism actions within your body. Improper secretions affect your metabolism in a negative way and you feel lazy, better to call it tired.
·         Diabetes: Diabetes changes your body hormonal and metabolic status and your body is not getting enough backup to carry our their normal body actions, so you feel lazy.
·         Depression: It’s the reason behind your changes sleep patterns, memory, concentration and also causes decreased energy levels.
·         Rheumatic disorders: Sometimes your body immune system turns his action against your body In place of protecting it. It causes Anemia, Depression, pains and low energy levels.

·         Chronic fatigue syndrome: Its aetiology is not yet clear now. However, its common symptoms are muscle pains, stress, depression, and very low energy levels.

·         Sleep apnea: This is the absence of continuity of your sleep. Only an uninterrupted and sound sleep brings about the required rest to your body. This makes you prepared for the next day tasks. In the case of sleep apneas you are lacking to properly rest your body, so you are feeling laziness.

This article can also help you a lot to start a super active day.

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