Thursday, 16 March 2017

These are the top four alternative acne treatments.

Acne is the real challenge for the teenagers, suffering about 51 % of teenagers in their 20,s and 35 % of women at their 30,s. 
If the acne is in really bad condition then antibiotic use is more appropriate as it restricts the bacterial growth and by this way reduce the severity of the bacterial infections within the acne. This reduces the symptoms of itching, burning, and redness as well. But the potential issue with antibiotics is that by the passage of time, it loses its efficiency by creating the antibiotics resistance.

In light of this, the expert works upon this major four alternatives for the cure of acne.

  1. Opt for a low dose antibiotic: The low dose anti-antibiotics like doxycycline will work more as an anti-inflammatory and will restrict the growth of bacteria as well.
    With low dosage, the antibiotic resistance will have fewer chances to develop. So, if you are paying for the antibiotic then ask your dermatologist for the low dose of antibiotics.
  2. Boost your estrogen level: In women how are suffering from the jawline acne and have never experienced the acne at their teenager, the major cause is the hormonal imbalance. The second option is to decrease the testosterone levels.
    There are pills that can serve this function for you like the Spironolactone, basically, the diuretic for blood pressure sufferers is commonly used by the dermatologists for this function. Ask your Doctor/ Dermatologist for this or similar option.
  3. Rethink your plan: As the major culprit behind the acne, a breakthrough is the excess oil production that blocks the pore of the skin and is the vital cause of acne breakthrough. By opting for food that decrease this oil production is the healthy option for the cure of acne.
    Food that causes an increase in the insulin levels like of Refined carbs and dairy products should be limited for the cure of acne symptoms, though diet.
  4. Try a chemical peel: The peel of Glycol helps in the speedy recovery from acne.
    This peel dissolves the glue that has the bacterial colonies. This antibacterial effect boosts the recovery of acne.

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